System with MONO DNA amplifier, CDP DNA source and M.U.S.A. loudspeaker.

* The system thus composed is only one of the possible combinations of the different components The same main core can be associated with other speakers and vice versa.


Connection systems

Each Omega Audio Concepts connection system is made according to the fundamental scientific principles that characterize our production. Omega Audio Concepts connection systems are available in five levels and are distinguished in terms of materials employed, conductor cross-section and wire winding, overall size, amount of insulation, and, overall, increasing complexity of construction.

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DNA CD Player

DNA CD player is the reading unit consisting of three separate low-noise power supplies and equipped with linear regulators for motor control, analog and digital circuits, control logic. Philips CD-Pro2 LF Reading Mechanics.

MONO DNA Amplifier

The MONO DNA amplifier is the gateway for those who wish to know the state of the art of our amplification. A minimalist design, consisting of timeless but well-defined lines, as if to show that it knows what it must do to excite the listener. Consisting of equal aluminum blocks, enclosing the power supplies on one side and signal processing on the other, the interconnects are all from the NANO EXTRA series.


Our loudspeakers are designed and manufactured to adapt to various environments. Their design, with modern and futuristic features, is studied not only aesthetically but also functionally to project the listener into new hearing dimensions. In Omega Audio Concepts speakers, materials, structure, and form are completely consequential from their function.

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