Backwards glance

For more than thirty years, Omega Audio Concepts has been manufacturing advanced audio systems designed to encourage the best possible listening experience. It combines passion and research with the study of sound principles of physics such as Ohm’s law, the concept of Theoretical Limit, and the concept of Space-Time Event.

The first devices were produced in 2001 and from the very beginning they stood out with their innovative features. From the Ress Levis loudspeaker with its unconventional design, to the CDP Rise that introduced some elements and innovations that still form the basis of our production today. The continuous research and desire to grow qualitatively towards an ever-better reproduction of our Muse, Music, have led to the creation of a new system of connections which leads in the following years to the presentation of a patent and in 2014 to the realization of the first complete system.

Audio Concepts

Several awards and international successes resulted in new life and stimulus to continue the research and development of new solutions designed to enhance the audio signal path as much as possible and shelter it from any external or induced interference. The launch of a new product always represents for Omega Audio Concepts the achievement of new construction and quality standards.

Our catalog development led to the subdivision of three lines: Timeless, Elements and Soundwaves that respectively embody electronics, cables, and loudspeakers. We rely on a dynamic and efficient team and a spacious and modern location with three listening rooms set up for anyone who wishes to enjoy an authentic listening experience and to customize the system to their needs and tastes in cooperation with our team.


Our brand was founded on the love of music and dedicated to serving it. We abide strictly by scientific principles in order to make music reproduction equipment aiming to pollute sound information as little as possible. We move forward in a stubborn and contrary direction to fads and convenience to pursue a project that is characterized by integrity and quality focused on improving the listening experience more and more.
What connects our “feeling” to all enthusiasts of this fascinating world is the continuous “seeking” with the purpose of improving, almost sublimating, the unmeasurable perception of listening to this extraordinary Muse that accompanies the moments of our existence since the dawn of time.