Essenziale Speaker

ESSENZIALE is the full-range aluminum floor standing loudspeaker designed to give a unique listening experience. The design of the ESSENZIALE loudspeaker was conceived with the aim of being more user friendly, without neglecting what are fundamental concepts in design. Ideal for use in medium-sized rooms, it has no parallel walls, not even on the inside.


The shape of two intersecting triangles makes it possible to increase the structural rigidity of the system, as the triangle allows one wall to be eliminated compared to the classic parallelepiped, so it is impacted by fewer vibrations. The front panel is also triangular to minimize the acoustic load seen by the speakers. Through this shape, the speaker works as close as possible to the theoretical limit of rigid piston operation.



  • Front loudspeakers spherical dome made of magnesium and aluminum,
  • 4-way loudspeaker completely made of aluminum billet carved by numerically controlled (CNC) machines,
  • Subwoofer located at the back with dual tuning ports,
  • Internal and patented crossover,
  • Standard colors: white/red – matte black/grey – glossy black/matte black. Other colors on request,
  • Weight: 140 kg/each (excluding packaging).