The beating heart of any music reproduction system.

OAC is one of the few companies in the World capable of producing the complete system.

Electronics include integrated amplifiers, all-in-ones, CDP sources and converters made with the aim of respecting the space-time event. To achieve this, we create the aluminum cabinets carved from solid by CNC machines and with components decoupled from the structure.



File reader

ESSENZIALE is the Hi-Res file reading unit with built-in DAC and amplifier. Its name comes from its structure, it is indeed a unique machine where the components needed to make a playback system have been reduced to the essentials, precisely. It has S/PDIF digital input on RCA coaxial, so a separate CD player unit can be connected.



ASSOLO Amplifier

The ASSOLO amplifier is the first step into the world of Omega Audio Concepts amplification. ts name refers both to its structure, indeed it is developed in a single frame, and because it is reminiscent of an artist’s solo. The single aluminum frame clearly divides the power supplies from the signal processing. All components are housed in dedicated spaces that are mechanically isolated from each other.

OAC OMEGA System ⟶

MONO DNA Amplifier

The MONO DNA amplifier is the gateway for those who wish to know the state of the art of our amplification. A minimalist design, consisting of timeless but well-defined lines, as if to show that it knows what it must do to excite the listener. Consisting of equal aluminum blocks, enclosing the power supplies on one side and signal processing on the other. The interconnects are all from the NANO EXTRA series.

DNA OMEGA System ⟶


DNA CD Player

DNA CD player is the reading unit consisting of three separate low-noise power supplies and equipped with linear regulators for motor control, analog and digital circuits, control logic. Philips CD-Pro2 LF Reading Mechanics.

DNA OMEGA System ⟶


STREAM represents the state of the art from Omega Audio Concepts. Majesty and power meet to create a next-generation CD player where aluminum blocks encapsulate a condensation of innovation and technology first seen on the market. STREAM is the current flagship amplifier in our catalog, with a self-supporting frame and the power supplies arranged in a dedicated chassis so that it does not affect signal processing.